Haight Street All-Stars

This is Todd’s Rhythm/Blues and Soul project. This jazz music is made up of songs intricately chosen for quality and their unique ability to create tension and release. Beats, rhythm, melody and lyrics make the music intriguing and danceable. The current instrumentation is electric guitar/vocals and the rhythm section of electric bass and drums. Also a keyboardist on piano and organ. A wide variety of music can be heard on any given night. Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Soul music, Funk, Rock, Latin, Reggae and Ballads. This music is fast and sometimes slow, but it is always compelling and engaging and a thrill to the dancers and listeners.  People have been known to cheer, hoot & hollar, sing along and dance to the music when attending one of the All-Stars shows.



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Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.36.03 PM




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