Blues & Jazz Vocalist/Guitarist

West Coast Soul Music

     Todd Thölke is a passionate and powerful vocalist/guitarist with over 25 years of professional experience around the United States and primarily the San Francisco Bay area. Todd prides himself on his soulful, unique expression of old blues standards by artists like Albert King, B.B.King, and Ray Charles and jazz standards by singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong. Todd not only loves to sing and play those blues and jazz favorites, but he also loves to get the crowd moving and dancing to New Orleans second-line jazz and classic R&B hits by artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James.  He considers the audience participation on the dance floor to be a crucial part of the fun. There is nothing Todd loves more than to entertain an audience and to leave them satisfied with his soulful interpretation of blues and jazz classics.
     Todd Thölke is a true American artist and entertainer living in San Francisco where he has been performing for over half his life.  When not booked at a particular venue, he can be found most nights singing on the street with his electric guitar in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury artistic neighborhood.  Todd has been studying rhythm and grooves from the United States and around the world . He has played countless hours in Afro-Cuban drum circles and is proficient on congas, bongos, west African djembe and drum kit. He uses this knowledge to unlock the listener and dancers engaging them in the ecstasy of timeless ancient rhythms that we all know and love. This is the true universal language and heartbeat of the world.
  Todd not only performs as a solo artist, but also has a number of different projects he is working on all at the same time.  For over ten years, he was the master of ceremonies and held various open-mics at a number of venues in San Francisco. Some years even two open- mics per week.  He plays his own original compositions and is well versed in outlaw country music, Americana folk music and popular 50’s rock n’ roll.
View his upcoming performance schedule HERE. 

View his latest video:

Check out T’s latest side project : video with rapper, Self Thuggah


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